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I already paid my DoubleDayBookClub debt. Why did you call me again when I haven't gotten any other correspondence from them.

If I still owe them, then why haven't I heard from you before. I don't owe them the money that you are calling me about. I have not received anything from you or DoubleDayBookClub stating that I owe them this money.

I got a call on Wednesday, May 14, and they just left a telephone number to call and didn't elaborate on why they were calling me. The person that called never even left their name on my answering machine.

Vivienne Innella

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I have had something similar happen. I apparently did not reply to a "feature presentation" e-mail that was sent.

Due to this, Doubleday sent me the be books and charged me $44 without my permission. I am now discussing options with my local prosecuting attorney involving credit card fraud, as those charges were not authorized by me.


I am also be harrased by Double day. I ordered by first lot and told them to cancel my account after paying in full.

for some reason they kept on sending books and kept on returning them. they sent me invoices with penalties which I am not going to pay.

they threatning me with a Debt collection agency. I said go ahead but I am not going to pay.


I received a call today from Allied Interstate for Doubleday collections. I called Doubleday and they claim that I opened an account in November of 2001 (which I did and the account was closed) and then opened one again in November of 2006.

I've never received anything from them since 2006 (books or bills), even though after speaking to them, they have my current mailing address. Also, they cannot provide proof that I actually signed up for the account. Allied is even worse.

Supposedly had the account since November of 2008 and are just now calling me to tell me this will be reported to the credit agencies if I don't pay them. UNREAL!


I too am being harrassed by a collection agency for 2 Doubleday books I supposedly purchased in 2003 and it is now Sept. of 2009!!!

They are threatening to place this on my credit bureau and I have no written billing invoices from Doubleday in the mail, and these people somehow are calling my cell numbers, which I sure didn't give Doubleday for any reason.

All this hassle for 2 books from 6 years ago??? No voicemails either, just a number that continues to show up on ID.

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