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I have been a member of many many many book clubs. I have never had a problem with Doubleday until now.

When you sign up with them, they have a box you can check that says "I am giving permission for this card to be used for all future purchases". I never check this box for any reason. I don't even have my monthly bills taken straight out of my account. I don't trust companies to just use the card *** nilly.

Anyway, when I ordered some more books from them they used the credit card that I used like a year ago when I purchesed some books before. Every other time they would send the books and bill me and I would send a check or go online and pay with a credit card. For some reason, they took it upon themselves to use my debit card and it just so happens that I didn't have the money in the bank at the time. So, I was charged overdraft fees by my bank because Doubleday used my debit card without permission.

I wrote Doubleday about it and they said the overdraft fees are not their problem.

So, beware everyone. If you have to go with a bookclub, do not pick Doubleday.

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I noticed that now when you go to any page that has your credit card info it automatically checks that box! You have to uncheck it EVERY time you open that page, even if you go from that screen to another one and then back to it in the same session, it will be checked again! I deleted my credit card info and will close my account as soon as they process (hopefully!) a return for books I didn't order (another story and complaint!) They didn't used to be scam artists, but times have changed!

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